what is qipao

Everyone feels that cheongsam is very mysterious.

This article will give you a quick understanding of cheongsam knowledge.

also known as the qipao, is a type of body-hugging dress of Manchu origin.

It is a high-necked, close-fitting dress with the skirt slit partway up the side.

It was known as the mandarin gown during the 1920s and 1930s when it was modernized by Chinese socialites and upper-class women in Shanghai.

Qipao pronunciation

you can find the video :

Actually, it’s pronounced almost like chi-pow”

qipao vs cheongsam

The main difference between qipao and cheongsam is the origin of the words.

“Qipao” is basically a Mandarin Chinese name for the dress while “cheongsam” is an English derivation from the Cantonese name “cheongsam.”

The word “cheongsam” originated in the south of China and eventually in Shanghai.

qipao history

history video

women’s qipao

Manchu robes are costumes with Manchu characteristics.

With the rise of Manchu and the establishment of the Eight Banners system, the large robes worn by Qi people are called “cheongsam”.

The ancestors of the Manchus originally lived in the colder areas of Changbai Mountain and Heilongjiang in the northeast. Both men and women of all ages must wear robes to keep out the cold.

It can be seen that the original Manchu Cheongsam was not only worn by women but a kind of universal clothing.

With the Qing entering the Central Plains, the Qing government forcibly promoted Manchu culture to the Han people, including hairstyles, clothing, and so on.

At the same time, while Manchu culture was advancing to the Han culture, it was also counter-promoted by Han culture. The fusion of the two cultures has gradually narrowed the gap between the costume cultures of the two parties and has become infinitely unified, laying the foundation for the popularity of cheongsam.

Since then, cheongsam has become an official dress and is accepted by people. Both men and women wear upright robes with wide-breasted large sleeves.

male’s qipao

Men’s cheongsam is collarless, and there are also round collars, without patterns, twisted placket, narrow sleeves, buckles, slits on two or four sides, straps, and hem up to the ankle.

Narrow sleeves, also known as “arrow sleeves”, commonly known as “horseshoe sleeves”, is to attach a semicircular sleeve to the narrow cuff, shaped like a horseshoe.

The function of this kind of horseshoe sleeve is to keep out the cold. It is usually rolled up and put down to cover the back of the hand in winter hunting or fighting.

Later, after the Qing Dynasty entered the Pass, the function of the horseshoe sleeves to keep out the cold no longer had practical significance, so dropping the horseshoe sleeves became a prescribed action in the etiquette of the Qing Dynasty.

When officials enter the dynasty to meet the emperor or other princes and ministers, they have to slam the horseshoe sleeves and bow to the ground with both hands, turning it into a special etiquette.

In addition, the cheongsam is designed with slits for the convenience of getting on and off the horse.

At the time of Huang Taiji, the slits became a sign of distinguishing grades, and thus the slits of the cheongsam can distinguish high from low.


Early cheongsams were mostly straight, cut from a whole piece of clothing into a piece of upper and lower one, which was beautiful and elegant on the body. Since then, with the development of the times, men’s cheongsam has gradually been abandoned, while women’s cheongsam has continued to evolve.

After the Revolution of 1911, with the eastward advancement of Western clothing concepts, cheongsam has gradually changed from the original wide-waisted straight style to a tight-fitting curvilinear and streamlined shape; it fully embodies the beauty of women’s bodies, and the cheongsam has finally become capable A traditional female costume representing the Chinese nation.

traditional qipao

Today, when the oriental elements have attracted the attention of the international fashion industry, the fate of cheongsam has been changed.

It will not be sent to museums like other cultural heritage but has become the favorite of top fashion designers and trendy people who are on the cutting edge of trends.

The history of cheongsam makes it always so high when it is associated with fashion. Its best spokesperson is not the shiny Madou on the runway, but Soong Meiling, who was dubbed the “first lady of cheongsam”.

Soong Chingling’s love for cheongsam is no less than that of her sister.

These two “firsts” of the year “Madam” became the endorsement sister flower of cheongsam.

some traditional qipao photos as below :


qipao wedding dress


This is a typical Chinese and Western family, and they are very happy that they chose Chinese cheongsam as their wedding dress. The bride is wearing a red dress that shows her figure, and the upper half of the spliced wine red lace is a little sexy.

The mother beside her wore an improved cheongsam made of black lace, which was very fashionable.


This seems to be a typical Western-style small reception wedding. Everyone shows up in a new-style little dress.

When the bride shows up in a Chinese Xiuhe dress, everyone thinks she is beautiful and unconsciously follows her.


On the night of the wedding day, a small buffet barbecue party was held. The bride wore a red embroidered dark-textured cheongsam, her good figure was embellished very softly, and the bridegroom wore a western-style black suit and gave her an affectionate kiss after dancing, and the romance permeated The entire scene.


uropean and American brides full of exotic looks wear improved cheongsam wedding dresses that combine Chinese and Western styles. The beauty is exceptionally elegant and noble. The bridegroom played a beautiful tune in front of the piano. The so-called appearance of a talented woman is nothing but this.


In addition to wearing a Chinese cheongsam, Chinese wedding decorations are also indispensable at the wedding. The big red happy character reveals that this European and American bride wearing a red cheongsam is naturally beautiful.


A wedding is the most important thing in a person’s life, so choosing what you like best is not too much.

qipao prom dress

Cheongsam dresses are becoming more and more popular among many people and appear frequently on various important occasions. As a cheongsam worn daily, attending company annual meetings, wedding banquets, friends gatherings and other occasions.


Small stand-up collar and hanging neck design, handmade buckle embellishment, sexy and elegant, the overall color is gorgeous and bright, the flowers bloom in the summer, eye-catching, the regular hem design, the pleating is slightly orderly and not messy, gently swaying with the steps, sweet and sweet Beautiful.


The tight high-neck buckle, the package of the fragrant shoulders, and the beautiful back show the feminine contours of women, the new ecological printing and dyeing, the eye-catching composition, giving people a sense of prosperity, and the very nostalgic charm of old Shanghai.

The velvet cheongsam is like a lady who shuttles through the old Shanghai beach. It is not gorgeous but a sedimentary charm. The comfortable neckline retains the elegant taste of the cheongsam. The water-soluble lace stitching on the side is full of three-dimensional effects.


The streamlined high-neck design, the classic oriental charm is still inexhaustible, the design of raglan sleeves modifies the curve of the arm, elegant and charming, the mermaid skirt is graceful, sexy, and fashionable.


The small stand-up collar of the traditional cheongsam faintly reveals a touch of elegance, beautiful fancy buckle, rich and gentle, and sexy splits show the leg lines. The style is charming and the Shanghai-style tailoring design modifies the graceful posture.


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